Thursday, July 12, 2007

Finishing Day 8

Tad works on lowering the surface of the floor plugs to match the level of the tile. The casing is cast iron and must be attacked with a grinder. All three of the connectors on the floor will need the same treatment.

Marcia Murphy (from Long Island) sorts through several boxes of Priscilla's material, molas, buttons, and other various sundries as she ponders her purchases. She is leaving today to spend three weeks at her family's cottage on Lake Erie.

World traveler, Priscilla Kibbee, joins the fun. She is off soon to Panama, followed by trips to India, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand and then Guatamala in search of more treasures. Many local artists are lucky to have special opportunities to acquire wonderful quality materials from other cultures as a result of her efforts.

Several local quilt artists are participating in a project sponsored by the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, "Art in Stitches." Each artist is to choose a piece from the Gallery's permanent collection as inspiration and is challenged to create a small art quilt. Marcia's choice is Georgia O'Keeffe's Jawbone and Fungus.

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Priscilla Kibbee said...

I am glad to see you are back on schedule. I guess we are cross blogging now or something like that.