Friday, July 27, 2007

Finishing Day 16

Electrician Brett pulls more wire. The new telephone and computer connections are proving difficult. The phone system is a double line, and we want two computers active in the new studio space. As of yet we don't have the correct wires properly identified. Brett will be back Monday to try some new ideas..

Plumber Jim Burgio was here today and installed two toilets, a sink, and shower hardware. He brought his son, Matthew, as his helper. As usual he is waiting expectantly for a weekend on his boat. He will return next week to work on a defective water hydrant in the horse pasture.

The shower is operative. Both plumber Jim and Marcia like the clean, simple line of the new fixtures. Jim tested all his new work and is pleased to report appropriate water is flowing in all the right places.

In more of the "as long as you're here" jobs, painter Jim chips away at many layers of covering on the front porch. The cement floor has a long history of leaking, and a walk-in root cellar lies below it. We would like to waterproof the surface, and Jim is off to purchase appropriate material to accomplish this goal.
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