Sunday, July 8, 2007

Finishing Day 4

Painter Jim works on finish for the baseboard in the studio bathroom. He wears one of his many Michigan hats, all of which were acquired from a friend in Ann Arbor. Each time he visited, he received a new hat. We don't know if they were bestowed with feelings of thanks for the visit or glad to see you leave!

The padded design walls assume final appearance and placement. This long expanse is 32 feet long and 7 1/2 feet high, proving some 240 square feet of design area. This function for the closet doors was an important goal in the architectural plans. We are pleased with the result!

The closets are 3 feet deep and will provide some 740 cubic feet of storage space. As all you quilters know, 3 years from now, we will say "Should have made them larger." Fabric and accoutrements tend to fill any available space. It is a law of nature!

The prickly pear cactus sends out blossoms. We are pleasantly surprised how this plant survives outdoors. It is in a protected spot along the wall in a southwest corner of the house and receives lots of direct and reflected heat and some shelter from the winter winds.

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