Monday, July 23, 2007

Finishing Day 12

Jim Deacon finishes up the interior window trim. His son, Adam, came with him to help move ladders and plank. Pieces of one of Marcia's "in progress" designs adorns the closet door.

Robert returned today and cleaned the new studio floor. He is also tiling the existing extra bathroom in the house. He put down the expansion membrane and is pictured fitting tile. We ended up two tiles short, and Robert is off to the tile store tonight returning extra tile from the studio floor and picking up needed supplies to finish his current efforts.

The completed floor takes shape. We will also replace the baseboard. The grout will be applied tomorrow, and Robert will be replacing some grout on the main floor of the house which has worked loose over the years. As you know, there are always more "As long as you're here..." jobs on the list!!

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