Thursday, July 19, 2007

Finishing Day 10

Those of you who enjoy quilting suspect we didn't go to Penn Yan just to buy bulk salt for fabric dyeing (although we did this). The main acquisition was this Horn Quilter's Dream cabinet purchased from LeRoy's.

This cabinet is a favorite among quilters because of the flat sewing surface, its fold-up extensions, and the spring-loaded lift section which allows the sewing machine to be tucked away. We're pondering the need of a Horn craft/cutting table and a consequent trip back to Penn Yan. (And Marcia hopes the Edgewood fabric store will be open this time!)

Tad was rained out at his current Canandaigua Lake job site and was able to return for the late afternoon to work on the final list of tasks here. Marcia and he complete the design space by mounting the batting and flannel on the west wall. Their previous experience on the closet doors served the process well, and the job was completed quickly and without complications.

Tad attaches the towel bars in the studio bathroom. Marcia ordered them with the help of our friend, Jacquie Harlow, who is a manufacturer's rep in Albuquerque, NM. They are similar in style to those in the main bathroom and are dark colored cast iron with a Southwestern Indian flavor.
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