Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lights and Doors

Electrician Brett Brien checks out one of the eight-foot fluorescent fixtures that will light the main floor work area. There will be four such units suspended from the ceiling. He indicated that he had not seen this fixture before, but will look forward to its effect. We are pleased with the narrow width and general minimal size of this style.

The track for the three-panel closet door was installed. The door was assembled outside with screws, glue, and a perimeter wood border. A slight problem arose:

The assembled closet door would not fit through the main entrance. Simple mathematical error rose its ugly head again! Everyone stayed pretty cool, uttered a few appropriate expletives, and took the large door apart. It was carried inside in two pieces and reassembled on the floor.

The two chosen fans await installation. They are on the small side, but guaranteed to move a lot of air. We have been impressed with the constant temperature in the room due to the high ceiling, the north side being built into an existing bank of soil, a 30-foot high row of fully-developed spruce trees on the west side, and the existing house providing east-side protection.

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