Saturday, August 31, 2013

Images 2013

I was very pleased to once again have a piece accepted for the all-media Images exhibit, Festival of the Arts, at the Robeson Gallery at Penn State University, which was held June 7 through July 14.

And, how nice to see that my quilt, Earthquake Faults, was displayed prominently in its own space.

These are pictures taken at the opening reception, and you can see that all the work is displayed beautifully.

I did not attend the exhibit, and thank my friend, Sue Reno, for sending these pictures.

Sue was awarded an Award of Merit at the show for her "Skunk and Garlic Mustard" piece.

Follow this link to see all the work in the exhibit:

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Lunch with friends

Some friends from my high school class gathered for lunch at the Belhurst Castle in Geneva at the end of July. 

I hadn't been there in many years and remembered the lovely building.

It has been expanded considerably with this new addition.

It's beautiful property located on Seneca Lake.

And here are "the girls" from the Class of '63:
Marnie, Carolyn, Mary Ann, me, and Judy.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Birthday and garden flowers

Marcia's birthday was celebrated yesterday with roses received from her brother.

We've had a hectic summer, and you may have noticed that we haven't been keeping the blog up to date. 

But we're taking this birthday occasion to make a resolution to get the blog caught up to the happenings around the Studio.

We've had a poor growing season, but have some flowers that managed to produce and thrive.

As evidence, we have this display of canna lilies.

The perennial gardens also showed well.  We think these pretty pink flowers are nicotinna....

A broader perspective includes developing Russian sage, black-eyed susans, and bee balm.

Our trumpet vine was blown over with a strong gust of wind.  These plants are very resilient, and we'll cut the plant way back and see if it will recover.
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