Thursday, July 26, 2007

Finishing Day 15

The boys from MIG are fastening the gutters. Installation workers appreciate jobs where they can work from the ground or step ladders, and this finishing of the exterior rain water diversion was completed in short order.
A view of the "wedge" support and fastening system that worked so well on our project. This eliminated the need to fasten straps underneath the first row of shingles on the roof and leaves a much neater appearance. The installers suggested this treatment, and we are pleased.

Our niece, Jennifer DeCamp, visited us today. She drove from Virginia to her parent's home in Geneseo and came to the new studio with her quilt collection, including the pictured piece which covers her bed.

This top is a recent work that she completed and began her experience of moving away from strict adherence to pattern and moving fabric in direction and form that pleased her eye. We all went to the Mennonite fabric shops in the Penn Yan area, and Jen and Marcia consulted on fabric choice's for Jen's next project. We were very pleased to see her and spent a most enjoyable day!
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