Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finishing Day 9

Bob Case works on the panel which covers the entrance to the radiant heating tubes terminal. The cover is reclaimed Douglas fir, stained to match the rest of the trim. As you can see over Bob's right shoulder, we are still waiting for the switch plates, which are being fabricated at the cabinet shop.

The stops for the closet doors are custom made and installed. The "L" brackets replaced a previous group that were not heavy enough to work without bending from the weight of the doors.
Tad and Bob join forces to vacuum the tops of the timber frames. During the construction phase, dust, wood chips, and dry wall residue had accumulated. We needed to clean them before bringing in the washed and ironed stash of fabric!

Marcia and Tad work on repair of an existing door latch on an entrance leading to the main house. We are down to a small list of items to complete our project. Tad will keep in touch with the subcontractors and notify us as to their schedules.
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