Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Studio visitors

Nancy, Priscilla, and Pat are taking a break from their holiday festivities to get some work done on their projects.

Nancy has made a clever addition to the three pieces she originally made for the Exquisite Corpse exhbit by adding zippers between the pieces.

Priscilla is assembling some of her beautiful needlepoint wolf pieces into a wall hanging.

And Pat started a new "square-in-a-square" quilt and was trying our some new variations.
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Studio Visitors

Priscilla and Nancy came for a day of sewing before Christmas.

Nancy is in the finishing stages on her circles piece that she started at QBL over the summer.

Priscilla brought these beautiful woven strips that she found on her last trip to Vietnam and started working on incorporating them into a new jacket.

Priscilla also brought these wonderful embroidered pieces for Show &

She bought them in Morelia, Mexico.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A quilt for Dylan

Our new grand-nephew arrived December 1st.

We decided that such a cutie deserved a new quilt!

Lots of bright kitty cats and some lovely lime green fabrics go into the half-square triangles.

Starting the "square in a square" design.

Extra colors for the corners finish the design, and the quilting and binding are completed.

It'll soon be on its way to Virginia, and we hope that Dylan approves!
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Show & Tell at Pat's

In between celebrating the holiday season with lots of tasty eats, we had a little Show and Tell, some Critique, and a bit of Discussion on options for designs and finishing up projects.

Pat showed us how she is joining her newest square to the three she originally made for the Exquisite Corpse exhibit.

Linda showed us several pieces that she has started from some found Yo-Yos and fabric strips that she wove together.

Nancy also worked some more on her Exquisite Corpse pieces, adding a lot of interest with several kinds of embellishments in the black squares.

Jeanne is the lucky new owner of this beautiful victorian crazy quilt that she found at a yard sale.
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Trunk Show - more

Many of the audience members took advantage of the opportunity to get a closer look at Priscilla's garments.

The "Chicken Coat" was getting some special attention here.

Donna Lamb really liked Priscilla's long black coat.

Nancy Hicks, Priscilla Kibbee, and Pat Pauly leaving Schweinfurth.

It was sprinkling (and not really raining buckets!), but these plastic waste baskets that we bought in the gift shop came in handy.
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trunk Show at Schweinfurth

Sunday was Priscilla Kibbee's trunk show at the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center in Auburn featuring her wearable artwork.

The three full racks of garments represent just some of the many wonderful pieces she has made.

Pat Pauly is ready to model this black hat, muff, and coat for the audience, and Nancy Hicks is in the background getting her next outfit ready to model.

This is Nancy Ostman from Groton, NY, who was talked into being a model.

Priscilla designed the pattern for this jacket and used rayon batik and velvateen fabrics in it, and it looked terrific on everyone who tried it on.

At the end of the trunk show, Priscilla invited everyone to come up for a closer look at the garments and to try on any that they liked.

This is Donna Lamb, Schweinfurth's Director, trying on a beautiful coat made with Guatemalan fabrics.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sudio visitors

Nancy, Pat, Bev and Linda are reviewing the options for enlarging a small quilt.

Pat brought the three squares she made for our Exquisite Corpse exhibit, along with a new 4th square.

A few different arrangements of the squares were tried out before settling on this format.

Here's a better view of the pieces.

I've also been working on making a 4th square to go with my pieces, which is on the lower left. It needs to be squared up and faced. Then the questions are....

....Sew the pieces together?
....Hang the pieces separately?
....Make more pieces?
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Studio visitors

Priscilla and Nancy were at the studio for a sewing day.

Priscilla just returned from a wonderful trip to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. See her blog for photos of her journey (

These are a few of the fiber treasures that she brought back with her.

This is a heavily-embroidered and embellished child's hat.

This piece is hand appliqued and reverse-appliqued.

The beading on the long sash is woven into the fabric -- Just beautiful!
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter time

We had more than 2 FEET of snow since the weekend, and were happy to have some clear skies and a chance for the snow to settle.

Suki really wanted to spend time outside, but the cold temperatures deterred her. Her one attempt to head to the barn resulted in a pretty quick U-turn as you can see!

Linda Bachman was at the studio for a sewing day and was putting the binding on her son's wedding quilt. Many of his friends and relatives filled out the signature blocks.

This view of the quilt shows of the lovely quilting.
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

RoCo Opening

Tonight was the opening of the 20th Annual Members Exhibition & Celebration of the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.

At least 300 members participated in the exhibit.  The submitted pieces could be no larger than 36 inches on any side.

There were only a few fiber pieces, and I think they were beautifully displayed amongst the other art work.

Pat Pauly's piece is in the center of the top row.

My piece, Receding C's, is at the bottom left.

Nancy Hicks's piece, Hester, is in the center.

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