Friday, July 13, 2007

Shopping days

One of the goals in lighting the new studio was to enhance the photography potential. We have supplemental pole lighting that can be added, but the following pictures were taken with our new studio lights as is. It was dark outside and hence, no natural light was available.

Marcia Murphy, our visitor from Long Island, was not the only one acquiring wonderful fiber treasures. Marcia D. bought one of her jackets, which she made from her hand-dyed cotton canvas fabric.

And this cotton canvas bag is staying here too! Marcia M. dyed the fabric, then discharged it, and then created this wonderful bag.

These embroidered pieces were brought back from Thailand by Priscilla Kibbee. The piece on the left is 22 x 38" and looks like a quilt all by itself. Some or all of these may some day be included in garments.

More treasures from Priscilla.

The orange scarf is handwoven silk from Laos.

And the purple scarf is handwoven cotton and silk, also from Laos.

These are shown folded in half and are about 2 yards long.

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