Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finishing Day 7

Marcia has a visitor from Long Island. She is another Marcia who is a fiber artist and stopped by on her way to visit family in Buffalo. They spent the evening visiting with like-minded people in the area, and even found some things to purchase! (What a surprise....!)

The clean up of left-over material continues. Much of the construction basics are not returnable, but here the remaining cement board siding is going back for credit.

The little lift is carried on the back of the delivery truck. Its three wheels allows for maximum manuevers, and the front forks will lift up to 6000 pounds.

The machine is put back in place for the trip back to Rochester. This company ( B&L) provided much of the raw material for construction; ie., roofing, siding, and all the windows. They are a
large wholesaler serving many builders in the area.

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