Friday, July 6, 2007

Finishing Day 2

The ceiling "work lights" are installed. The room is a professional studio and needs superior light coverage. Much thought went into providing such and still not compromising the beauty of the timbers and the ceiling. We hope we accomplished this goal.

Painter Jim puts the finishing coat on the north side. He worked on much of the exterior today and will return tomorrow to finish the siding and continue with the inside trim painting.

Electrician Brett Brien works on the floor plug. There are three of them, each with their own circuit. A problem remains as the surface of the plate is slightly above the level of the floor. Some thoughtful ideas are being considered to solve the dilemma as all three floor fixtures have the same height.

Carpenter Tom finishes the trim in the hallway between the old studio and the new one. He has built a display rod for wall hangings on the facing interior north side. We continue to be pleased with the use of the reclaimed Douglas fir for all the accents in the room.

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