Monday, July 30, 2007

Deck flowers

Jim and son Adam completed rebuilding the front door porch floor. They mixed and formed a pre-made cement mixture, and outlined the perimeter with an expansion strip. The surface was brushed to provide a rough finish to prevent slipping and sliding.
The hosta plants off the pond deck are in bloom. The color combination of this plant is always striking and is now available in several variations. It is also hardy in our climate, as this spot is covered by a couple of feet of snow in the winter.

We have had a dry year, but Marcia has faithfully watered our deck planters. The geraniums have prospered and sent out several growths of blooms. This group is the latest contribution.

Another nice deck collection of blue flowers and red geraniums.

We have had no visit today from the studio contractors. Painter Jim will be here tomorrow to paint the exterior final coat, and we are waiting for further information from other subs.

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