Wednesday, July 4, 2007

July 4th

Painter Jim Deacon was here today and painted trim at various locations in the studio. He did a great job of matching the tint on different kinds of wood surfaces. Here the window sill blends into the window frame on one of the south side windows.

We searched high and wide for proper lighting. The slant roof and the 16-foot ceilings with timbers presented some real problems. Marcia communicated with many artists who had built their own studios, and the lighting consultant with contractors and manufacturers. Pictured is our only non-utilitarian light purchase. Four of these mini floodlights will be high in the rafters with the sole purpose of throwing light across the ceiling and the timber frame. We are betting it will be a wonderful night feature, both from within the room and from the outside view through the windows!

The finished frame and the solid door, both made of Douglas fir, add an elegant touch to the entrance of the new bathroom in the studio.

The very tricky transition space between the new and old structures took a lot of planning, cutting and fitting. Carpenter Eric did a very good job. The transition space had to bridge the cement block wall opening and the framing materials in the existing house and the new studio.

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