Monday, January 21, 2008

Michael James at the MAG

The Memorial Art Gallery sponsored a lecture by Michael James, one of the pre-eminent contemporary quiltmakers in this country. The MAG also sponsored a special exhibit of some of his work and hosted a reception for him and the quilters involved in the show and sale of their small quilts.

From left: Caren Betlinski, Liz Scott, Michael James, and Caris Burton.

Beth Brandkamp and Marcia chat with Michael James.

Beth wore her Butterfly Jacket and Marcia her Quilter's Vest for the opening. Both garments were made in Priscilla Kibbee's jacket class this fall and used fabrics that Priscilla brought back with her from her trips to China and Vietnam.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quilts at the Memorial Art Gallery


After touring the Memorial Art Gallery this summer, I chose O'Keeffe's Fungus and Jawbone to use as my inspiration to create a small art quilt for the MAG's show and sale that's being held in conjunction with the current Wild by Design exhibit. Thirty area quilters created 36 small quilts, each displayed near the art work which inspired them.

My piece, "Fractured Fungus," was sold at last night's opening.

The Gift Gallery at the MAG has also started to display some additional small quilts made by area artists.

My small "Flying Kites" piece, with its green, yellow and orange hand-dyed fabrics, is displayed to the left of Pat Pauly's "Broken Chair" quilt.

My "Receding C's" quilt is shown at the bottom right of the picture. The four framed pieces above it were made by Jeanne Beck.

"Jet Trails #2" is in an arrangement on the table.

"SW Monuments" is displayed on the front table.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

January sunsets

Although we live some 1700 miles north of Key West and our clear sunlit skies are limited in January, sometimes a wonderful sunset tableau unfolds.

The sequence of pictures shows the progress of the late afternoon western sky at 10-minute intervals on Saturday, January 19th.

The new studio provides a wonderful viewing site for such a spectacle.

One of the reasons we decided to remain in our present location and build the studio rather than downsize is the pleasure we enjoy from the vistas at various spots on our property.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Clean-up Part II

The perennial grass garden survives the winter weather and makes a nice contrast to the evergreen maze garden looming behind. The thaw allowed us to clean the horse stalls, and the mid-range of the picture features the residue which will enrich the soil of the next summer's vegetable garden.

The holding pond on the property, which had totally dried up during the dry summer, has profited from the heavy snow cover in December. The overflow pipe on the lower left is only about one foot from being needed.

Another view of the refilling pond. We will have to add some fish in the spring. The turtles and frogs will find their own way to the renewed water source.

Inspector Suki enjoys the enhanced view as she looks for possible prey. What a wonderful ability to possess. Her sharp claws and muscular development allow her access to heights and spaces not easily available to humans. She takes full advantage of her attributes!
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Clean-up Day

Inspector Suki checks the packing of the picked-up sticks in the cart. She was very excited about having the time outside and closely supervised every move.

The snow of December has completely melted in this January thaw. Marcia rakes up fallen twigs and leaves, and Suki heads for the nearby willow tree.

Suki explores the view from above and always prefers to venture out as far as possible on every limb. She has climbed this tree several times, often to its 40-foot height, and knows the path very well.

Marcia pulls and lowers a branch, and offers to lift Suki back to earth. She, of course, refused, turned around, and found her own way down.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Show & Tell January Meeting

Joyce Martelli showed us the quilt she just finished for the minister who performed her wedding 12 years ago. To Joyce's right are Pat Berardi and Carolyn Maruggi.

Joyce's quilt includes photos of each church that was part of his ministry.

Carolyn is admiring the work on Anne Fischer's newest quilt. The deer was created with many hours of threadpainting and each leaf was applied individually.

Carol Taylor showed us her recently completed "Raindrops" quilt.

Carol also showed us her new "leaf" quilt that is in process.

Carol Spreter created this top from blocks made in a "square in a square" class that she and Carol Altemus have been taking.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Composing and Sewing

In another sewing day at the studio, Barb Seils cuts strips for her latest project. Some of her design emerges at the upper right of the picture. The other two wall pieces are "in progress" works of Marcia's.

Marcia begins the very basic construction of fabric choices and figure-ground relationships for a new piece. Many different combinations are placed and re-placed on the wall in this phase. The final quilt will probably be much different, but each step in the development is important.

Inspector Suki is in Attack Mode, and she has secured her target with claws and is considering how much pressure to apply as she bites down. It is interesting to watch her decision process as she balances the genetic and evolutionary urge to attack against the experience of her life to not "bite the hand that feeds her" (literally)!

These two forces tend to even out, although if you try to flee, she can't resist the tie to her predatory nature and will revert to her wild heritage!

Here Inspector Suki assumes her sentry position. She loves boxes, and a half-hidden posture suits her very well. She will stay here for quite a while, ready to leap into action with any perceived need or provocation.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gift Gallery Items

These are the four pieces that were selected for the Memorial Art Gallery's Gift Shop and will be there for the next two months.

All the pieces were made with hand-dyed cotton fabrics that were fused and machine quilted.

Jet Trails #2 (2007 12w x 12h)

SW Monuments
(2007 13.5w x 12h)

This piece was named by Priscilla .... Flying Kites. (2007 15w x 16h)

Receding C's
(2006 32w x 34h)

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