Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Finishing Day 6

Electrican Dave Brien brings his dog, a big 7-year old lab mix, to the job site on a daily basis. As the company does a lot of work for New Energy, the dog is named Timber. He is a gentle animal whose best friend at home is a cat.

The outside lights are installed. Under the eave in the upper left is a dusk-to-dawn fixture to cover the back of the house. The descending conduit will connect to an inside switch which will allow an override control.

The wall plug in the center of the picture was a "surprise." It had been buried by the dry wallers. The electricians allowed that this was not the first time this had happened (nor will it be the last!).

Brett and his dad, Dave, install the lighting track for the primary design wall on the west end of the room. This 8 by 12 foot homosote will also be covered with batting and fabric. We found a problem with the weight of the fixtures causing the rail to sag in the middle. Our lighting consultant is checking with the manufacturer and distributor to determine the appropriate remedy.

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