Saturday, July 21, 2007

Finishing Day 11

Some of the switchplates are here. Everyone who counts the number and variety needed, comes up with a different number. We have sent a couple back to the shop with a change in order. We don't think we have the right answer yet. In terms of the construction problems possible, this is one that provides amusement as all of us struggle to get it right!

Tad is working on the rollers at the base of the closet doors. The need addressed is not only to provide a smooth opening and closing, but also to keep clearance between the doors as they pass in front of each other. There needs to be enough space so as not to disturb any pinned fabric design on a moving door.

A gift from friend, Barb Seils. The ficus tree had outgrown her ceiling height and will take up residence in a corner of the new studio. We will leave it outside for some of the warm summer weather.
The herb garden produces well in a hot, dry summer as many of these varieties have a Mediteranian heritage. The tarragon plants on the left almost block the oregano on the right. In the rear, the ubiquitous lemon balm advances to take over all the space allowed.

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Priscilla Kibbee said...

Ah...I see you have pieces of fabric hanging up already. Good show.