Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shopping in Penn Yan

South of Penn Yan on Route 14A is the Oak Hill Farm, including the store which specializes in bulk food. It is part of the large Mennonite community in the area, but also serves all residents and visitors. Every time we visit this area, we are impressed by the rejuvenation of the small farms and businesses in this part of Yates County. Pennsylvania Dutch is the native language, and the work ethic of the populace is evident and praiseworthy.

The bulk food featured in the store is packaged in the back room. There is a section in the background of this picture which features meat and vegetables -- at least some of it homegrown. Every soup mixture and choice of grain are available. We bet some of them you have never tried!

Much of the bulk material seems to come from a southern Pennsylvania wholesaler, long active in serving this population. We are struck by how well the Mennonite community manages to co-exist within the larger area and still maintain fidelity to the basic values of the culture. We recommend a visit to this area!
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Priscilla Kibbee said...

We have lots of Mennonites around here as well and Spring Lake Fabrics and Store, 4 miles from me has terrific bulk food and, better still, low priced fabric.