Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Helping Pat Hang


A few friends were on hand to help hang Pat Pauly's solo show.

The solo exhibition is at the Nazareth College Arts Center Gallery in Rochester, New York, June 30, 2011 – August 14, 2011.

There will be an opening reception Friday, July 1, 2011 from 6 – 8 p.m.

Entitled “Sum of the Parts: Art Quilts of Pat Pauly,” the show will feature Pat’s latest work in surface design and textile technique. An award-winning and nationally-known fiber artist, Pat uses personal imagery and freeform surface design in her modern take on a traditional art form.

The exhibition is free and open to the public during gallery hours Thursday-Sunday from 1-8 pm.

And as one of the helpers who got a sneak preview, I can say that the show looks terrific!

Hope to see you at the opening!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Growing Things

The first water lilly in the lilly pond.

The onions, summer squash, and tomato plants are off to a good start.

The zucchini squash will be ready soon!

The hoop and net system protects the peas, beans, and spinach from becoming lunch for the resident woodchuck and our friendly deer.

The pepper plants aren't very large yet, but one is already sprouting the first pepper.
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Sewing

Diane made her first visit to the studio and joined Nancy and I for a sewing day.

Nancy started some new work, inspired by some of the Asian fabrics she collected on her recent trip to Japan.

Diane brought in a piece she finished recently, and she and Nancy reviewed the quilting lines.

Diane is now working on a piece that just happens to have some very nice turquoise fabrics.....

Nancy's two quilts that have been traveling with a quilt show in France have finally returned home.

Both are made from silk fabrics.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sewing Day

Inspector Suki's primary job is to test the softness of every new bit of fabric that is brought out on the table, so of course, Jeanne's new fabric had to be checked out.

Jeanne has a great start on a new composition, using commercial, hand-dyed, and discharged fabrics.

Priscilla has her leaf composition filled in and is now in the refinement stages.

Beth is looking happy with her turquoise jacket, which she finished with some purple cording, and it looks great!

Nancy is checking out Beth's bog coat, that she created from fabric made by Jeanne Beck and some seminole piecing that she made for the neck band.
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Monday, June 20, 2011


I set up a table outside so I could work with bleaching products to make discharged patterns on dark brown and black fabrics.

I have pails ready with anti-chlor solution and plain water for rinsing. (And Inspector Suki is standing ready in case her help is required.....)

This is the first time I've worked with the dark brown fabric, and I tried various applications of SoftScrub, bleach, and bleach pens.

Leaving the bleach on the fabric for different amounts of time creates color variations.

This pattern on black fabric came from spraying bleach on a metal trivet.

The bushes are handy places to drape the rinsed fabrics.

Inspector Suki was kept busy stalking a chipmunk in the bushes.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sewing Days

Linda is looking at three new pieces that Pat Pauly just finished and that she will be showing at her solo exhibit, "Sum of the Parts," at Nazareth College's Arts Center Gallery.

The opening reception is Friday, July 1 from 6 - 8 pm, and the show will run through August 14.

Priscilla is making great progress on her new blue leaves piece.

Jeanne has added more to her grafitti piece.

Inspector Suki was checking out which of Priscilla's blue fabrics might be the most comfy. And Priscilla was engaging in very risky behavior -- seeing if she could retract her fingers before Suki grabbed them!

Beth has completed the pieces for her new turquoise jacket. Some embellishments are going to be added before the jacket is assembled.

Beth has also started a new bog coat from some luscious yardage that she got from Jeanne Beck.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Critters on the farm

Suki enjoys human company and activity.  Here she crouches in high grass near the vegetable garden as Marcia works nearby. 

She is near enough to keep an eye on things and partially hidden from view.  There had been a large green snake in the area this morning, and Inspector Suki didn't know quite what to make of it.

A grasshopper, small toad, or some wind-driven grasses can cause her to raise up on alert status. 

It's good to be a cat on a warm early summer day!

A young female deer stares at Marcia, who is standing at the fence with camera in hand.

After a standoff, the young doe heads for the bottom of the pasture and to the woods behind -- enough human interaction for the moment.

The white tail stands out and it's easy to see how this species of a four-legged mammal got its name!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A couple of additions....

In my blog of June 13, I showed pictures of the three pieces I have in the Images 2011 exhibit, which is part of the Central PA Festival of the Arts at Penn State University.

If you'd like to see all the pieces included in the show, use this link:

My blog of June 11 has several picture of our SAQA-NY meeting. and I wanted to include our group picture that was taken at the BookSmart Gallery which has the Parallax exhibit on display.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

State of the Art

I was notified recently that my Jet Trails #10 piece was selected by Sandra Sider for "The Studio Quilt, No. 6: State of the Art,"  which will be published later this summer.  Sandra is a well-known artist, critic, curator, and author, and she is currently President of SAQA.

I am very pleased to be included in this group of 60 artists whose work was chosen for the publication.
The Studio Quilt, no. 6: State of the Art
List of Artists and Quilts:

Annie Helmericks-Louder, Outlaw Jackrabbit
Aryana Londir, Compartments #1
Barbara Wills, Land Marks #36
Benedicte Caneill, Units #9: Cityscape
Bonnie Smith, View from Above
Camilla Pearce, Rustbelt Shade Garden
Carolyn Carson, Deborah’s Decision
Catherine Smith, Grey Hay
Charlotte Ziebarth, Urban Reflections #2: Lake Merritt Series
Clairan Ferrono, Darkness Surrounds Us
Deborah Bein, Roots
Deborah Fell, Witness Trees
Deborah Weir, Daylily
Denise Linet, Garden in Blue
Diane Savona, Looted Artifacts
Eileen Lauterborn, Breaking News
Erika Carter, Cradle 6
Ezther Bornemisza, Pending Matters
Gay Lasher, Abstraction I
Gloria Hansen, Lost in Illusion
Grace Errea, Le Chapeau Extraordinaire
Holly Altman, Tidal Pool After the Storm
Jamie Fingal, Apron as Personal Armor
Jean Judd, Contaminated Water #1
Jennifer Day, Old Hands
Jette Clover, White Wall 2
Jill Rumoshosky Werner, Dispensed
Jo-Ann Golenia, Push
Joan Sowada, Fall Line Up
Judith Plotner, Soul of an Iris II
Judy Langille, Splintered Forms
Julia E. Pfaff, Contours V
K. Velis Turan, Major Deegan 2
Katherine Allen, Peace Like a River
Kathleen McCabe, Protea
Kathy Nida, Primal Scream
Kim Lakin, Rio
Leisa Rich, Architects in Flux
Linda Robertus, Magnificence
Louise Schiele, Gecko
Marcia Decamp, Jet Trails #10
Margaret Brown, Alike But Not the Same
Marianne R. Williamson, Babbling Brook
Marlene Parillo, Faces
Mary Pal, Homeless Love
Mary Vaneecke, Circlesss III
Melisse Laing, Seeing the Light
Micaela Fitzsimmons, The Road Home
Nancy Cook, Kousa: A New Dogwood’s in Town
Olga Norris, Snagged
Pat Owoc, Return
Patricia Gould, Coastal Symphony
Sarah Smith, Joshua
Sheree Rasmussen, Night Wind
Sue Reno, Groundhog and Green Bean
Susan Schrott, Fiddler on the Couch
Tiziana Raveri, Unstable Balance
Virginia Speigel, Boundary Waters 51
Wen Redmond, Perception of Trees
Yael Cohen, Mystery

Monday, June 13, 2011

Award of Merit

I have three pieces in the juried all-media show, Images 2011, which is part of the Central PA Festival of the Arts at Penn State University.

My friend and fellow fiber artist, Sue Reno, also has a piece in the show. She attended the opening and provided these pictures, along with the good news that one of my entries, Storm Clouds at Sunrise, won an Award of Merit!

Sue reported that it's a very good show, but the truly remarkable thing about it is found in Ron Rumford's juror's statement. Here's a quote:
"Upon reviewing all submissions for Images 2011, a particularly strong group of textile works set the bar high. Their structures--pieced quilts built from shapes of cloth and constructed by stitching are from a grand tradition of functional and utilitarian work that now straddles high art with highly sophisticated design, pattern and color and the folk art tradition of quilt making. The approach of these 6 artists varies significantly and strengthened the impact within the overall pool of submissions. It soon became clear that these works would become the fulcrum on which the exhibition wanted to be balanced."

I agree with Sue when she said "... how wonderful that Mr. Rumford "gets" what it is
that we fiber/textile artists do! Very encouraging."

Storm Clouds is at the left and Jet Trails #8 is at the far right.

Whirlpool is on the right.

Sue Reno with her "Watt and Shand #4."