Saturday, July 28, 2007

Finishing Day 17

Painter Jim Deacon has replaced the faceboard under the front door and scraped the cement floor of the porch. He will lay down an acid-based product to further clean and prepare the surface for the next step in sealing the leaks.

The custom switch plates are installed. We have the total count agreed upon and are down to needing the last plate installed and a dozen more screws. The final certificate of occupancy and inspection cannot be completed until the outlets are covered and out of harm's way.
Brett installs the connection for the cable that will lift the spliced section of the 12-foot track holding the wall wash lights for the design wall. The lighting consultant suggested this would be the proper solution for this problem, and it seems to be working.

The beginning of Marcia's office corner takes shape. Her bulletin board is installed, and the television connection is in place and working. The internet connection for the computer is not yet functional.
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