Friday, November 30, 2012

Quilt Scene - International Quilt Festival

 The fourth edition of the International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene is available in stores now.  It was produced by the crew at Quilting Arts Magazine, and includes projects, patterns, photos, quilt news and more.

My Jet Trails #10 quilt is in the Table of Contents for the section on quilts from the "World of Beauty" exhibit in Houston.

It is one of the 24 quilts that were selected for the magazine, where each quilt was displayed on its own page.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sewing Day

Priscilla has already finished her new jacket made with fabric from one of the vendors at the Houston show. 

Barb Ackley did a bit more on her new vest since last week.

A closer look at the back reveals the start of some wonderful beading that Barb is adding.

Barb and Genie are both hard at work on their garments. 

Barb also gave us a first look at her newest quilt design that she created on hand-dyed red fabric.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fiber Peeps Trunk Show

 The Fiber Peeps gathered at the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, NY, today to present a trunk show. 

Linda Bachman couldn't be with us today, but here are Pat Pauly, Bev Kondolf, Nancy Hicks, Jeanne Simpson, and with her back to the camera, Priscilla Kibbee.

Pat started us off with a power point presentation that showed who the Peeps are and how we work together.

 She explained three of the challenges for themed work that we've done, complete with pictures of the installations of the exhibits.

One of the challenges was to design a quilt that was inspired by a mola.   This challenge was popular with the members, and the "mola" quilts have been very well received whenever they've been shown.

The group has plans for a 2nd mola challenge to be completed this coming spring, and has committed it to a gallery show in May.  (Stay tuned for more information...)

Jeanne showed us the mola she has selected as inspiration for her new mola quilt.

In addition to showing the quilts each member completed for the challanges, everyone showed three of their other quilts.

Jeanne brought this piece that was selected for a recent Made In New York exhibit at Schweinfurth.

Priscilla showed these two leaf quilts that have been accepted in various national shows and just came home from the Houston IQF show.

Pat explained that on this piece, she went over the surface on those areas that she thought were too light by stamping and screening with paints and dyes.  She quilted it on her domestic Bernina sewing machine.

There were several good questions from the audience.

The Auburn Citizen published this article about the trunk show:


And check out the Facebook posting by the Schweinfurth Art Center which has more than 60 pictures of the event.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sewing Day

 Barb Ackley, Genie Barnes, Priscilla and I got together for a little sewing time.

Barb brought this piece that she just finished where she had mitered every corner.

Barb worked on this vest that features an embroidery that Priscilla brought from Vietnam.

Genie worked on her jacket that she's making  from a sari that Priscilla brought from India.

Priscilla started these new quilts where she incorporated some wonderful wool and beads that she found at the Houston show.
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Fiber Peeps - Trunk Show

Fiber Peeps Trunk Show on Sunday, November 25, 
at the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, NY  

Nancy Bales
Marcia DeCamp, Quilts=Art=Quilts 2012
Visit the Schweinfurth Art Center on Sundays throughout November and December to enjoy trunk shows presented by local artists. Trunk Shows are "show and tell" opportunities for artists/quilters to discuss their work.
Meet regional quilters and see examples of their work.  

Included with $6 general admission, free for Art Center members, exhibiting quilters, and children twelve and under.

The next trunk show is on Sunday, November 25 at 2pm with The Fiber Peeps, a Rochester-based fiber group that consists of Marcia DeCamp, Priscilla Kibbee, Jeanne Simpson, Nancy Hicks, Linda Bachman, Beverly Kondolf and Pat Pauly.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fiber Peeps - Meeting Day

Our gang of quilters has had many discussions over trying to select a name for the group.  We tried "Art Quilt People", which became "Peeps", and which is now officially "Fiber Peeps."

Anne, Bev, Jeanne, Nancy, and Priscilla came for the Friday meeting.

Jeanne showed up some of the samples she made in a workshop this summer using soy wax and paints.

Bev has been quilting her circle/bullseye quilt from a Nancy Crow class.

Priscilla started a kimono jacket using the Alexander Henry fabric she found at the Houston IQF show.

Jeanne is getting close to finishing this quilt top with the great colors.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Cocoon Jacket

Yes, this picture is a repeat from the previous post, but I've been receiving requests for information on how to get the pattern.

Marit Lee Kucera says you can get her pattern by sending a check for $7 (which includes shipping) to Artspoken Yardage at 30 Saint Albans Street South #5 in Saint Paul, MN  55105.
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Houston IQF - Part 6

 More scenes from the show....

This Cocoon jacket was on display in one of the vendor booths, and we bought a copy of the pattern for it.

The Husband's Lounge area, complete with recliners and tvs, got a lot of traffic.

Thursday evening we attended the Quiltapalooza event, which was a fund-raiser for IQA.

There was a contest for the best "facinator" hat that drew almost 50 contestants.

This was one of the winning outfits.

Priscilla and Wendy are online to get into the convention center in the morning.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Houston IQF - Part 5

 New friends and great accommodations!

Part of the fun of traveling in addition to seeing new things, is meeting new friends.

And on this trip I got to meet and spend time with Priscilla's friend, Wendy.

Those of you who know Priscilla will appreciate Wendy's Tshirt!

We stayed at a great hotel that was a short walk from the convention center. 

In addition to a welcoming goodie bags and wonderful fresh cookies every afternoon,  they treated all of us to dinner on Thursday night.

Wendy and Priscilla and some of Wendy's friends.

Wendy and I and more friends.  Part of each evening's activities was to meet up for Show 'n Tell from the day's classes and shopping.

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Houston IQF - Part 4

Another wonderful quilt by Sheila Frampton Cooper, "Fantasyland," and my picture doesn't do it justice.

Sheila has lots of great photos of the quilts in the show on her blog that she is graciously sharing through the links below:

(Be sure to check out more of her work while  you're visiting her blog.)

If you scroll down, you'll see a slideshow with some shots from the Art Quilt Reception. Just click on an image and the slideshow will stop playing. You can then manually scroll through.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Houston IQF - Part 3

This is part of the SAQA booth and the display of the 12" square quilts donated by members for its fund-raising auction.   The starting price is $750, and the price declines over the course of the show down to $75.    This is the first year that SAQA has expanded its online auction and selected 100+  quilts to be sold in Houston.

My Jet Trails #12 quilt was in the group of quilts that went to Houston, and I'm happy to say that it was purchased there.

It was fun to run into Aafke who lives in Ithaca and who also had quilts in the show.  She met us at the Show & Tell  event and showed us this lovely piece of fabric she bought.

This photo was taken on the walkway between the convention center and the Hilton Hotel, and it gives you some perspective on how large the convention center is.

This photo is from the 3rd floor of the convention center.  The tents you can see out in the park were for a Korean Festival that was also going on.

This is a piece of hand-dyed fabric that Priscilla bought.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Houston IQF - Part 2

 A few quilts from the show:

Kate Stiassni's The Eternal City
 (quilted by Jackie Kunkel)

Gridlock by Annette Guerrero

Broken by Janet Steadman

This wonderful kitty is by Leslie Hall

Make You Happy by Brigit Aubeso Bell-Lloch


Luthier's Dream by Betty New

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