Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Finishing Day 18

Adam works on the front porch floor. He is cleaning the ridges and brooming away the residue. After the cement dries, a coating of water sealer will be applied, and hopefully we will have sealed against leaks. We'll see.

Jim applies the final coat to the west side. He will return tomorrow and be close to finishing the exterior. Jim and Adam are also going to paint the old studio space inside the house.

Another trip to Penn Yan... and another treasure! We've loaded up the cutting table and the cutting mat from LeRoy's. The table weighs over 200 pounds, but we were able to unload it upon arrival home. Christmas comes in July!

The assembled cutting table joins the sewing cabinet in the new studio. We are impressed with the portability and stability of construction. Marcia will be able to cut material and roll the table to the chosen design space on her walls. There is plenty of storage space below the surface for rulers and drawers for cutting tools and other supplies.

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