Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another busy Saturday

Painter Jim and son Adam were here to work on the final coat of trim and wall paint. They have made good progress today, and Jim will be back tomorrow. The interior is nearing completion.
Bill mowed the supplemental horse pasture. The large (6 acre) main feeding area behind the barn and leading all the way to the road was also treated. We cut these areas as needed. The horses have preferred their baled hay in the barn this year, causing the pastures to grow profusely even with the dry weather.

The vegetable garden grows on. The beans in the foreground are covered with netting to protect them from the deer and other chewing critters. The tomato plants in the next row are caged and surrounded by straw mulch, and the super-sweet sweet corn in the background is about waist high.
The gazebo garden is refurbished. The sand represents the water, the greenery the forests, and the rocks the mountains. A stone path winds through and invites human participation.

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