Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finishing Day 14

The eave trough people are here. MIG is a large area wholesaler with statewide coverage. They are also fabricating the mirrors for the new bathroom. The crew here today will be back tomorrow for installation.

The measuring and construction takes place on site. The continuous roll of material is capable of producing 150' lengths before a seam is needed. The attaching hardware was not on board today.

As construction winds down, Inspector Suki has fewer responsibilities in that regard. She is catching up on her rest, and here, is caught mid-yawn. Her other tasks are "defender of the property" and "mighty hunter", and she welcomes more time to devote to these important duties!

Shelves are assembled in the fabric closets for the new studio. Each area has its own color-corrected fluorescent light to insure adequate display of the stacked fabric. We will begin to move material from temporary storage spots as the new studio nears production capability. Hooray!!

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