Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Finishing Day 19

Jim Burgio and Bill begin to investigate the broken hydrant in the horse pasture. It appears that the main shaft connecting the handle and the buried shut-off valve has separated. We found the piece badly pitted and weakened by rust. Jim will order new parts, and we hope it can be repaired without bringing in a backhoe to dig a 5-foot hole.

Jim and Adam fill up with paint for their assault on the final coat. They hope to finish today and move inside later this week.

The installers from MIG arrive with the bathroom mirror. Pictured is the large center structure with the hole for the light fixture pre-drilled. They also brought the side panel mirrors, but had to take them back to the shop as they would not fit as originally cut.

The full-wall mirror is installed. The faucets on the sink had to be removed as there was very little tolerance for clearance. The installers were persistant and able to complete the job after much lifting and tugging. As they were reminded, "If it was easy, everyone would do it..."!

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