Saturday, June 9, 2007

Primer coat completed

The primer coat has been applied. Two more coats of finish paint will be applied. This is the west wall which will have an 8' x 12' design area (made from homosote covered with batting and flannel) and wall-wash lighting. Wire for the electrical connection is visible on upper section of the white wall.

The east wall (office to be) and hallway to the existing house are also primed. The cabinets, desk, and wall shelving units are being made, and we plan to travel to the woodworking shop to get a picture while they're under construction.

The horse pasture is in view from the southwest window. Clicking on the horse will bring Fella, our 30+ year-old gelding, into view. The interior windows and wall base await framing and finish.

The interesting patterns of evening light move across the upper east wall. We look forward to the seasonal movement of the shadows of the setting sun as displayed across the wood ceiling and upper walls!
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