Monday, June 11, 2007

More finishing

Bob Case, an old acquaintance while a student at Finger Lakes Community College, sands the timber frame preparatory to final oiling. Rain, after on-site raising and before the roof was installed, left some stains. Bob lightly sands away major problem areas.

Tad prepares the rough frame to receive the door. He is leveling and raising the floor jam by screwing in small blocks of wood as seen in his left hand.

The door is installed. Tad indicates that squaring a door with a hinge in the center is challenging. He also had to cut away part of the header above the frame to raise the level of the door to match the height of the floor plus the tile.

Posted by PicasaWe had a bad storm here on Friday night with severe rain and straight-line wind bursts that uprooted some trees and broke branches elsewhere. Here Bill prepares to chain the "hanger" and pull it loose with the ever-useful old Ford tractor. Ah, the joys of home ownership!

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