Friday, June 29, 2007

A Busy Day

The cabinet tops arrived. To everyone's chagrin, the section Fred and Sam are working on was cut 2 inches short. As an old math teacher, Bill is amazed at how often simple arithmetic mistakes cause such problems in the adult world!

One of our horses, Crystal, a 20+ year-old mare, has sore feet. Steve Harper, our long-time farrier works on trimming and shaping her hooves. We hope this will help, although he suggests she should also lose some weight. (Shouldn't most of us!)

The masons were here to clean the brick. After applying the detergent and scrubbing, the residue is hosed off. They use Sure Clean 600, which is commonly used for this purpose throughout the industry and was recommended by the brick manufacturer.

Jeanette Decker, our lighting consultant from Bright Ideas in Canandaigua, delivered a van full of products. She was helpful in researching the proper plan for the particular and unique needs of an artist's studio. We hope all of us made the right decisions!!

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