Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More tile and trim

Eric comes aboard to work on the interior framing. Here he builds the perimeter of the windows to the south before installation. As the temperature was in the 90's, both the carpenter and the tiler set up their saws inside!

Suki, the inspector, is on duty from dawn to dusk. She comes in for a snack and a two or three-hour nap some time in the middle of the day. We should all be so wise!

More final floorboard appears as the closets are finished off. The reclaimed Douglas fir boards continue to be of very good quality. With some stain applied, they will match the oiled timbers.

The bathroom tile takes shape. The pocket shelves are ready for finishing, and a border accent appears half way up the wall. Robert will stop at the tile store in the morning and pick up more tile to cover shortages where misorders left us with some problem areas with available material.
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Priscilla Kibbee said...

Its nice to see Inspector Suki back. Its a shame she has to work in all this heat.