Friday, June 8, 2007

More progress

Darlene finishes the dry wall. She had sanded with a rough sandpaper and is now finishing with a finer grade. She did an excellent job and left a clean, level surface for the paint. We highly recommend Tucker Drywall!

Jim Burgio installs the valve connections for the shower in the new bathroom. He is smiling because it is Friday afternoon, and he will soon be cruising on his 40-foot yacht! (No kidding!!)

The new door has arrived and appears to have the opening hinge in the right place; i.e., the middle. Now we hope it fits the opening!

Jim Deacon is working on the primer coat in one of the closets. He is wearing one of his Michigan hats (He has 13!). I'll tell you the story in another entry.....
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Elizabeth said...

Marcia, it looks like it is all coming together. Figured you needed at least one comment on your blogs!! Beth