Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cabinet Day

A big day in the project. Pictured is the bathroom vanity. We have changed all the countertops from wine vat oak to "Walkabout Character Reclaimed Jarrah." (Some marketing guru must have named this.) Jarrah is a product of a large tree found only in SouthWestern Australia. We were captured by its close grain, mahogany-red color, and the sufficient "figure" for cabinet use.

The upper open shelves and the lower cabinets and files are installed in the "office" corner. The cabinets were assembled off site in their Shortsville shop and transported to our job site.

The quality construction is evident throughout all the cabinets. The reclaimed beech adds character, texture, and depth. We are very pleased.

Sam and Fred do the installing. All the craftsmen in the shop are involved with the fabrication and placement of the final product. Sam recently arrived in the area from Cody, Wyoming. He has friends in the area and likes the green colors of the Finger Lakes.

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Priscilla Kibbee said...

Wow! They are just beautiful.