Friday, June 22, 2007

Heating and cooling

The Betlam boys are back and vying for "the most photogenic" of all the tradesmen. They are hard to beat! They are connecting the radiant heat feed and return to the current boiler which produces hot water on demand.

The interior section of the studio air conditioning is also installed and tested. We are hoping we can get a different color housing; ie., one that is not so glaringly visable. Bill, in particular, finds this unit ugly and pretentious -- probably an American design!

The larkspur grow toward maturity. They are an especially nice dried flower, as they age with a particularly mild color patina evocative of the Victorian era. Difficult to find in nurseries, these grew from dropped seeds from last year's plants that wintered over.

Suki, the Inspector, checks out the cement mixer. She, of course, was hoping the opening in the mixing bowl was a huge mouse hole! She is leaving after discovering that such was not the case, but moved on to the pile of brick with the same hope!

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Priscilla Kibbee said...

Its nice to see Inspector Suki back but I assume she has been busy.