Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brick Prep Day

Brad applies the flashing. Four-inch concrete blocks are laid to bring the foundation up to ground-level grade. On top of this level side and up the side of the large block the textured barrier is attached with cold roof tar and sealant.

The flashing material is a product with a copper center and mesh on each side impregnated with tar-based liquid. The durable result is pliable and cut to measurement before application. It should last a long time and serve as a good base and background for the brick (seen at left of picture).

The wrap around left side of the building is prepared. This is prominently displayed in the architect's rendering at the top of the blog title page.

A change of pace. A nice arc of clethra (summer sweet) outlines the tea garden. The cultivar is Ruby Spice and has been embraced by the nursery industry as a shrub border. It grows about eight feet tall and has the wonderful combination of standing on its own form and color, and at the same time, blending well with its neighbors!

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