Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Tile Story

The tile is completely installed on the floors. The closets still need grout, and a cleaning will bring out the deeper colors in the entire application. The selection is called Origini Red/Rust.

A left click of your mouse will bring a closeup. We notice a slight difference in color shades between the large and small tiles, but the overall blending is acceptable. The material is from Italy, and you can go to their website, http://www.ceramichecampogalliano.it/, to see their selections. As you might expect, they have some beautiful Mediteranean choices!

The brick pattern of the bathroom looks fine in the small space. The door to the hallway will mark the difference in design between this space and the rest of the floor.

The entry way from the existing house has been constructed. There is a slight difference in elevation here, and the tilers have bridged the threshold with a barely perceptible slope -- A very nice answer to this problem!

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