Friday, June 1, 2007

Siding nears completion

Chris Seibert prepares corner trim for the siding, as this part of the project nears completion. The exterior will be ready for painting when the work underway is finished. The north side exterior windows remain to be framed.

Bill is watering our new Blue Spruce trees that were planted in the fall. May was the driest month on record (at least at the Rochester airport), and we should soak these trees at least weekly. We'll see....

Carpenter Kris Frisbee is caulking the seams on the south side of the studio. The weather was a little less fierce today, but Marcia is still making lots of ice tea for the guys.

Inspector Suki is ensconced on the edge of a horse manger (notice the hay bag behind her) as she watches Marcia cleaning stalls. As befits a Master of the Universe, she is not concerned about invading the horses' space. They can chase her, but they can't climb trees!
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