Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dry Wall Day 3

Darlene returns for another day to coat the walls and corners. She is working on the bathroom, where the aquamarine dry wall is better suited to withstand moisture. She informed us her boyfriend is Scott, who is the installer pictured on the June 4th blog resplendent in tie-dyed tee shirt!

Painter Jim Deacon applies the primer on the exterior of the new structure. He has also tested paints on the interior wall board scraps and has helped us choose a tinted clear finish for the cedar roof overhang tongue and groove.

Our long-time vet, Dr. David Scoville, makes a visit to treat the horses with their yearly injections and a check up. In a small-world coincidence, he worked with Tad's wife at Lollipop Farm (humane society) several years ago. There is a real shortage of large animal vets in the Northeast, and Dr. Scoville is very busy.

Marcia and Inspector Suki are planting some straw flowers and statice (in between the already-tall volunteer Larkspur) for drying later in the summer. Marcia, after all, is a flower child of the 60's and 70's, and Suki hopes a mouse or chipmonk wanders by!

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