Monday, June 18, 2007

More tile

Bill works on the new bathroom. As we ran out of the large 20" tiles, the bathroom is pieced with the 13" squares, and the pinwheel effect is abandoned. We don't know where the snafu occurred in the ordering process, but the bathroom looks okay in a brick pattern.

Robert works with a shade covering his saw. He said he much preferred our work site to his last assignment, and he worked on cutting and finishing the closet floors today.

Yesterday Robert brought forth the pictured chapeau to protect from the summer rays. He says he got it at the fair, and his wife admonishes him to discard it -- but he keeps it in his truck for days like this. Can't imagine why she doesn't like it!

The bricks and mortar arrive early in the day. Head mason, Ken, was here later in the day to check on supplies and will be back tomorrow to work on the exterior north side finish for the studio. We are getting closer to the finish line!

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Priscilla Kibbee said...

Love the hat. I think some of your workers are becoming hams.