Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The plan for the cabinetry along the east wall and south wall under the window emerges from the computer. New Energy Woodworks produced the design of work space, file cabinetry, open and closed drawers and wall cabinets.

Rob D'Alessandro, chief of the division, and Marcia measure the wall space. He wisely takes his own measurements before preparing final plans for customer approval.

In a visit to the Shortsville shop, Rob poses with a completed cabinet panel for our project. It was made from reclaimed beech wood salvaged from a barn in the Finger Lakes area. Recent acquisitions include material from structures in Clifton Springs and Dansville.

Pieces of wood, beech once again, are gathered in preparation for our cabinet construction. Rob indicated that they were searching their supply to find enough distressed wood. He lamented one of the ironies of his craft was the quandry of having only clear wood when he needs distressed emphasis and vice versa.
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