Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bathroom tile & finishing lumber

Robert works on the new bathroom tile. He indicates that the bullnose tiles for the corner sides are not as thick as the regular wall tiles and require extra mortar and careful placement. He is a precise workman.

The reclaimed Douglas fir for the interior trim arrived today and is scheduled for installation tomorrow. The material will frame doors and windows and serve as baseboard around the perimeter of the room. We are pleased with the quality of the wood!

The first water lilly of the summer emerges. This small pond contains a dozen such plants and will soon burst forth with multiple blooms and large lilly pads to serve as resting places for the resident frogs.

A nice clump of iris in the front yard. These were a gift from Pat and Lloyd Berardi from the garden of their previous home when then moved. It is our good fortune to have the benefit of their yearly prolific flowering and ability to prosper in their new spot.

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