Saturday, June 2, 2007

First paint strokes

Painter Jim Deacon applies the first paint strokes, a primer coat for the corner of the air-conditioning alcove. He will be here Monday to work on the deck unrelated to the studio. We don't know if he is a Michigan fan (see hat)....

The north windows are framed in and take on a final appearance. They will receive two coats of paint to finish the job.

The roadside view comes into focus. The cement block will be covered with a full brick facing. We expectantly await the night view when upward lighting in the studio will highlight the timber frame trusses and the reclaimed douglas fir ceiling!

A newly flowering clementis climbs the pergola at the entrance to the formal perennial garden. Two more clementis plants grow at the northern posts to this structure, which contains a chair, table, and bench to complete a pleasant place to rest on the garden tours.
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