Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Break-through Day

Tad and Bob peer through the cement block hole they have opened between the original structure and the new studio. A saw outlined the proper area to be removed, and a pneumatic hammer attacked the wall.

Bob is removing the existing window that once served to bring daylight into Marcia's old studio space. The dust barrier of contractor's plastic is visable in the background and did a good job of controlling the spread of dust.

Tad finishes hammering the opening for the doorway. The old dry wall, insulation, and studs are piled behind him and were hauled away in the old tractor.

The new opening is framed in. A pocket door will separate the new studio from the old. Tad is cleaning up the residue of the day, while Bob does some last-minute cleaning of a central timber. Bill, of course, supervises.
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