Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hot Day

The triangles on the upper east and west walls are covered with the left-over reclaimed Douglas fir tongue and groove. These spaces were originally scheduled for wallboard, but we like wood!

The west side gets covered with finish siding. The tall evergreens provide good shade for this part of the structure, but make working on the scaffold difficult.
Tad is moving the table saw, and carpenter Kris Frisbee tackles the siding in the sun on the south side. It is warm and humid today making unpleasant working conditions. We were supposed to get dry-wallers today, but they are held up on another job and will not be here until next week.

Here's a nice clump of iris in the horse pasture, as seen through the fence. They were moved there inadvertantly several years ago in a hill leveling operation and have not only survived, but prospered!
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Priscilla Kibbee said...

Its nice to see photos of the workers front sides again.