Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another work day

Tad and electrician Brett Briendiscuss the new sub-panel electrical box in the celler. The air-conditioning units will be reinstalled on Wednesday, and the new electric lines need to be ready. The blue cables at right are computer connections for Marcia's new office space.

Carpenters Kris and Chris put down their hammers and grabbed shovels to move stone. The air-conditioner compressors will be placed in this alcove. Chris on the left is celebrating his birthday today.

The reclaimed Douglas fir tongue and groove serves as a wall extension. Framing for the windows will complete the interior north side. We have enough lumber to fill in the triangles at the upper left of the picture, and the carpenters will do so tomorrow.

The completed ceiling emerges. The large trusses will be sanded, cleaned and oiled to complete the overhead view. The upper portion of the wall at the back of the picture will be finished in reclaimed Douglas fir tongue and groove to match the ceiling.
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