Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

The end of May marks the "safe" starting date for vegetable planting in our area. The danger of a killing frost is behind us. Pictured are tomato plants and sweet peppers. We will also plant some string beans and ornamental gourds along with summer squash.

Here Bill digs holes for tomato and pepper plants. We planted 60 tomato plants and 24 peppers. Each year we plan to cut back on numbers, but never seem to follow through. Part of it is habit and old patterns, but perhaps a contributing factor is the unconscious mind saying that doing less is a sign of mortality and weakening strength and resolve. We will have to re-read Freud and see what he thinks, although even the "old master" admitted he didn't fully understand the death wish!

Marcia is setting in the plants. The ground is very dry, and we'll have to water if we don't get rain in the next couple of days. The onion plants behind Marcia are off to a good start.

The varigated euonymous makes a nice hedge row along the fence to our formal perennial garden. Although susceptible to disease (scale), these plants have done well. In the front of the plants is the remainder of an old asparagas bed which is no longer producing. It needs work and replanting. We'll see!
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