Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tongue and Groove

There was no activity yesterday, and we did not post a blog entry. Can you ever forgive us?
The outside roof extension receives its tongue and groove installation. The wood has a clear finish, and we may add another coat.

The lumber for the remaining exterior tongue and groove was delivered yesterday. We plan on letting this part of the finish to age without paint. If we don't like the look in the future, we can always add treatment. The white boards in the picture are cement board for the siding.

Inspector Suki takes a well-deserved break from her daily schedule as she languishes under a Japanese maple in the front yard. She assures us she will spring into action if her services are needed.

Tad delivers the interior ceiling tongue and groove by crane. He estimates we have a "short" ton of 10-foot planks. Jim Deacon, our long-time painter friend, will be here tomorrow to apply a finishing oil before installation.

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You have certainly had quite a variety of trucks.