Friday, May 18, 2007

Tad's vacation day

Tad, our site supervisor from New Energy, is enjoying a day off, and no sub-contractors were scheduled. Our ceiling netting holds 6 inches of insulation. Douglas fir tongue and groove will complete the picture in a randomly applied width pattern. We are waiting for 10' lengths to span the openings, which will eliminate seams.

Our rough plumbing is complete and connections to existing water lines are tested and working well. The plumber dodged insulation to cap off the new piping.

We have both a well and a working cistern. Jim Burgio has worked with us for many years and understands the intricacies of our feeder lines. The pictured connection is a tee tying in our cold water feed from the cistern.

This is a spice vibernum. Its dense, compact collection of blooms form a globular shape, and its beauty is matched only by its fragrance! There are some 200 varieties of this shrub, and they lend themselves to many landscape applications. They do require treatment to combat an attack beatle which has appeared in our area in recent years.

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