Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The windows arrived earlier than expected. One of the south window units is shown. Let's hope they fit the newly framed openings!

The northern windows come in 3 units of 3 small windows. They are fixed in the closed position, and here Kris and Tad lift the center unit into place.

One of the south window units has been shimmed, leveled, and is being nailed in place. The center unit is fixed, and each side opens with screens to allow air circulation.

The south side windows are complete (including the frosted bathroom glass window at right). In the foreground, you can see oil-treated reclaimed Douglas fir on the left and the untreated ceiling tongue and groove on the right. The door for the south side is on order. The original unit was incorrectly assembled with the door hinged on the side instead of in the center as we requested.

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