Thursday, May 17, 2007


The insulation crew is here. They use two hose feeds from their hamper in the truck, allowing two men to spray the cellulose, slightly dampened, at the same time. Plumber Jim Burgio gathers tools from his truck (at the right of the picture).

Klaus, a five-year arrival from Denmark, applies the cellulose. He is pleased to be in America, describing our country as the place to get ahead and become successful. He lives in Oswego and leaves the house before 5 am each day and doesn't return home until 7 pm or so. He takes his work seriously and works hard to do a good job -- an excellent example for his young helper.

This is the completed job at the west wall and the north side. Klaus assures us that the cellulose will not shrink or settle, provides a consistant "R" value, and is good at absorbing moisture and then allowing it to dry out. Tad also sees the material as a cost-effective, environmentally sound answer to insulation needs.

The P. J. Rhododendron: What a wonderful gift to leave mankind; i.e., this delicate, beautiful bush was originally adapted for the northern climate by P. J. Mezitt.

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