Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another work day

Keith Holcomb, head of the Construction Department at New Energy, makes a visit. He met with us at the planning of the project and did much of the initial cost estimates using formulas for some items and real pricing for others. He also drew up the schedule for the project timeline before turning over responsibility to Tad.

Jim Burgio works on PVC piping. The stack to the roof entry is complete at the left of the picture, and he is working on other tubing for the sink on the wall behind him.

We have looked at several brick samples for facing the north exterior wall of the new addition. The exact match is difficult because the wall shown is 40 years old and covers the north side of the original house. We are leaning toward the stack of four as a mixture. The sample on the white card is close, but we fear it may be a bit too orange and too light. What do you think?

A bird's nest fell out of the pergola next to our formal perennial garden. Another miracle of nature -- Our feathered friends toil long and hard on a yearly basis to prepare a home for their family.
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